Meet the volunteers

We thought it would be good to interview the volunteers that make up the committee. Without help, the events that bring the community together throughout the year would not be able to take place. If you can lend a hand and/or are interested in joining the committee, then please do get in touch.

Name: Simon Sadler

Occupation: Accountant

How long have you been on the committee: At least 15 years

Highlight of being on the committee so far: There have been quite a few highlights as our recent efforts to make the hall the community hub have paid off with fantastic village support for our family film shows, sporting breakfasts and Xmas lunch for the senior citizens, all benefiting from a redecorated and hall and improved facilities. However, what sticks out in my memory is the moment on one New Year’s Day when, after 2 days of hard effort, we succeeded in diverting water flooding from the field, ditch and road away from the hall when it had been lapping at the front door – yes, an unusual memory and certainly not in any job description.

Why did you join the committee: I had been heavily involved with the gala which was raising funds for specific projects and I was keen to help the committee which, owing to the lack of numbers, was struggling to complete those projects at the time. I joined as the church representative and still haven’t found the escape route yet.

Hopes for the Village Hall in the future:  I would like to continue the journey of making the hall the community hub once normal service is resumed and would welcome more volunteers to help with community events and even the routine maintenance. Along with plans to refurbish the bar and replace the roof, we have a fantastic hall of which we can be very proud and, with everyone’s help, long may that continue.

Name: Peter Rothwell

Occupation: Chartered Accountant, recently retired after a 30-year career with Lloyds Banking Group, initially in general finance roles and then as a specialist in corporate treasury.

How long have you been on the committee?: Since February 2021.

Highlight of being on the committee so far:  Two things stick in my memory:  Firstly, in December 2021, spending two hours in bright yellow rubber gloves washing up after the free Christmas Lunch we put on for the over-65s in our local community.  Second (with less backache!), developing and running the tote for a simulated horse-racing fund-raising event in June 2022.  This was quite a challenge as everything had to run smoothly so the ticket information could be collated and winnings calculated and paid out quickly after each race. Still, everything went well, and the event was great fun and successful in raising funds to support the village’s Jubilee celebrations.

Why did you join the committee?: Extended working from home with no commuting into London during the pandemic, plus stopping a previous time-consuming hobby, meant I no longer had the excuse of not having enough spare time, so I eventually had to say ‘yes’ to the Chairman’s repeated requests for me to become Treasurer of the village hall.

Hopes for the village hall in the future:  The hall is already heavily used throughout the year, so I would like to see that continue, but I would like to see more members of the wider community become involved and volunteer to help organise and run events in the hall.  It is an excellent facility we are lucky to have in the village.

Name: Carl Lowe

Occupation: I was a chef at the House of Commons for 17 years. For the last 6 years I have become Management Accountant for Catering at the House of Commons

How long have you been on the committee: This is my second stint. I have been on the committee for 4 years now, after gentle persuasion from Mumma Lowe to join again!

Highlight of being on the committee so far: For me, it is seeing the transformation of the Hall internally and how it has become more engaging with the Parishioners. As a committee, we have really strived to make the Hall the ‘Hub of the Community’ and to do that it needs to be appealing. We have spent a lot of time re-decorating, and installing the new Front Doors, Projector & Surround sound system. The Rugby events have been a roaring success and were well worth getting up at 6am to prepare the breakfasts during the World Cup. 

Why did you join the committee: It may sound a bit cliché, but my Grandparents & Parents helped raise the money to build the Hall over 50 years ago. I want to ensure that the legacy continues and that the Hall is still standing for another 50 years. 

Hopes for the Village Hall in the future: I would like to see younger people from the community become more involved. I have learnt over the years that the more people you have, the more ideas, and the easier the work! I oversee running the Bar at the hall now; it is like a second job! Having said that, it is enjoyable. I’d like to see the Hall continue with community events like the Christmas Lunch, film nights, Disco and Live Music, Sporting events and just be somewhere that families can come as a Family and enjoy themselves for the evening without it costing them a fortune!!

Name:  Margaret Lowe (HRH)

Occupation: Retired, Well supposed to be!!

How long have you been on the committee:  12 + years

Highlight of being on the committee so far:  Seeing the community Support, we had over the last 12 months before the pandemic. Rugby Christmas film show, Easter film show & Easter egg hunt.   In particular for me The Christmas lunch for us Golden age people of the village was a very lovely highlight. The generosity of the people young and old within the village with their donations and their time made it a very special afternoon. 

Why did you join the committee: I joined the committee as a parish council representative and have now progressed to be the booking officer for the Hall as well 

Hopes for the Village Hall in the future:  My hopes for the future are that the Hall can continue to be supported by the community that it was set up for. This includes the Gala which has for many years been the main fundraiser for the Village Hall .

Name:  Shirley Story 

Occupation: Company director

How long have you been on the committee: Around 3 years

Highlight of being on the committee so far: Being part of a group of people who genuinely want to provide facilities that local residents want to take part in

Why did you join the committee: To represent Masquerade Theatre Group that uses the brilliant facilities that the Hall has to offer.

Hopes for the Village Hall in the future To expand its use to better meet the needs of the local residents

Name:  Pat Mason (AKA Nanny Pat)

Occupation: Retired, well meant to be 

How long have you been on the committee: 2 Years 

Highlight of being on the committee so far: Being nosey and keeping up with Village gossip haha. Seriously being involved in all the events we have put on over the last 2 years. Making Teas & Coffees to make sure everyone is watered too!

Why did you join the committee: I put my hand up at the wrong time in a WI Meeting!! I am the representative for WI

Hopes for the Village Hall in the future: The hall continues to be the mainstay & hub of the community for years to come for all villagers, new and old!

Name: Sean Harley

Occupation: I’ve made a career out of telling people to restart their IT equipment to solve the issue.

How long have you been on the committee:  I actually don’t know

Highlight of being on the committee so far: All of the community events that are run are a real highlight for me, from the OAP Christmas Lunch, Easter Films, Disco’s, and Xmas Films. Its a real joy to see the results of all the hard work the committee puts into seeing people enjoy the hall along with the community spirit it brings

Why did you join the committee: Carl Lowe strong-armed me into joining! I’m busy in my corporate life and wanted to contribute to making a difference in my local community and with the Village Hall being the heart of the community, what better place to start.

Hopes for the Village Hall in the future: Continue for the hall to be used regularly for people providing community services, more community events and, importantly, more people from the community helping out on the committee and with events. Being part of an active village hall that contributes so much to the community requires lots of hands to help out.